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Monday, November 13, 2006

Hidden in a podcast

I had downloaded the mp3 that Jeffrey Wells' put up on his website of his interview with Peter Bogdanovich about his re-worked and restored documentary Directed By John Ford, but it took me a week to get round to listening to it. I had sent Wells a copy of Kinda Hot a couple of months ago, but he'd never got back to me and I imagined it had slipped into the ether. But at about 23 minutes into their conversation he raises the topic with Bogdanovich, and although the discussion of Saint Jack doesnt quite catch fire, it was pretty strange to hear these two guys talking about me...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Greencine interview and a local review

The phenomenally committed and enthusiastic David Hudson recently did an interview with me for the Greencine site. Read and enjoy...

Also, just discovered this book review by Lim Mun Pong on the youthful Singapore-based 'movie' website, "Moviexclusive". It's a good review (I get four stars out of...) although I'm described as an "arty type" and my prose style is apparently occassionally "whiny"... all quite accurate comments, actually.