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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Once Upon A Time...


The journey to organise a screening of Saint Jack has been a long one that's taken many twists and turns along the way, including the un-banning of the film; discussions to show the film in London and Telluride (which I recently found out came much closer to happening than I ever believed); prints appearing, disappearing and deteriorating at the BFI and in America; the quest for Quentin Tarantino's personal copy (not sure whether he ever got the messages), and much more besides.

Anyway, we're finally go. And it's the 30th Anniversary of the film's commercial release, and almost exactly 30 years since Warners innocently sent a copy to the Singapore Censorship Board for a look-see.

The first screening is on the 26th November, and a second one on the 27th. All at The National Museum of Singapore, and it's part of a season they're doing of foreigners takes on Singapore/Malaya called Once Upon A Time In The Orient.

For the details: times, ticketing and prices, please click this mother.

I invited some of the major cast and crew to attend. Apologies to all those I didn't or couldn't contact. And we have Monika Subramaniam (lead actress), Pierre Cottrell (producer) and Sally Tunnicliffe (casting and actress) flying in and possibly Lisa Lu (see below). I'm hoping to rouse as many of the local cast and crew to show their faces as well, and I'm sure we'll have a few surprises.

We're also doing the 'Jack Of Hearts Mystery Tour' - a bus tour of locations which I'll be co-hosting with Tony Yeow, the film's Unit Manager. This tour will take place in a parallel universe in which Saint Jack is a well-known classic and a la San Francisco and Vertigo, tourists flock to our tour to find out where the scenes were shot from their favourite film in the old/new Lion City.

This should be fun. See you there!