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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

and Amazons...

I'm back from my travels around the UK, where I played my part at the Lovebytes festival (entirely non-Saint Jack related). In London I visited the UK office of my publisher and had a really positive meeting about having *proper* British distribution for Kinda Hot - watch this space.

Back in Singapore I am going to make some moves to organise an event in May where I will give slide and video presentation about the book, my research and more. Again, all details of this will appear here first.

For those impatient to buy... here, at last are fully illustrated Amazon links

American site

UK site (No books till June I'm afraid)


Direct from publisher

I'm staggered to find I have an Amazon US sales rank, it may be exceedingly low, but it means someone has ordered it...

I also received an email from someone in Prague who was an uncredited extra in the film during the R & R scenes, I'm hoping that this will be the first of many crew and cast members to get in touch.


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