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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Straits Times responds:

My relationship with Singapore's oldest and biggest daily paper The Straits Times over the book and the film has been slightly fraught - basically they seemed uninterested in the story of what I was doing both before and after the book was written. So imagine my surprise when on the day before I'm leaving for the UK I get a call from them urgently wanting to interview me for a BIG feature about the book and film (Saint Jack not Kinda Hot). Of course I co-operated to the best of my ability... but the final piece was somewhat different from what I'd been told to expect... there's not much about me here, but quite a bit of my research, and the article strangely seems to leave out all the things that make Saint Jack so fascinating.

You have to pay for it online at the official website:
but here's a version that was blogged earlier


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