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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Saint Jack is unbanned!!!

(Double page spread from Singapore newspaper TODAY, on the 16th March 2006)

Last night I got a call from a reporter from TODAY newspaper telling me that the Media Development Authority Of Singapore had issued a statement to them explaining that Saint Jack was no longer banned... and that it is now possible to import and sell the DVDs, watch the DVDs (or any other format), and to screen the film in cinemas, either as a one-off or as part of a commercial release.

This is obviously fantastic news. I've been doing some research into getting a screening of the film for a while, and also the possibility of the DVD being in the shops is very exciting. The film will be rated M18, which is not the highest rating (thats R21), so it can be sold in stores!

The MDA say that the film could have been passed anytime since the last change is censorship regulations (around 2003), and they do suggest that the film was only banned originally because of the lack of classification ratings in the past - an excuse which I don't buy. If Saint Jack was banned because of one or two moments, they could have suggested they be cut - which they never did - the film was banned outright for the reason outlined by an anonymous censor who I quote in my book (read it and find out!).

Anyway, enough quibbling. We have a big reason to celebrate.

Read the article online here. And if you are willing to click through the pages you will be able to find the full pdf of the article, but there's no direct link - sorry...


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