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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Event Alert!

Because I'm going away at the end of the month, and in April we'll be deep into the wonderful Singapore International Film Festival, there will only be one chance to hear me talk about the book in public and to say hello.

So, diaries out folks:

It's at Borders on the 18th March, which is a Saturday, at 2pm. I'll be there talking about the genesis of the book, and discussing why the film is worthy of so much of my time, and if people really want to, I can sign your books. I'll add more details of what I'm planning as we get nearer the date.

Now, the book was meant to be printed this week and in my hands (and then shortly after that in the shops), but due to some technical errors, it is not. So, it looks likely that the 18th May be the first chance people have to get their hands on the tome - so it is now literally becoming the First Day of Publication... which is nerve-wracking.

Meanwhile, I discover that Amazon UK is already featuring the book on it's website as an item for future sales. No picture though, which I'm gonna sort out.

And thanks to Greencine Daily for being the first to blog about my blog.

5/3/06 Update:

Thanks also to IFC Blog for blogging about this as well. Mucho grazias!

And - the German Amazon entry has gone up. Still no picture, but it's the first time I've seen the phrase "von Ben Slater" before...


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