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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

DVD: Out of print...

'jbln' from Maryland is the second person to review my book at Amazon, and the first this year. It's extremely positive and jbln is obviously a fan of the film, however he or she decides to knock half a star off what would have been a "5 star review" because the film is so hard to get hold of...The injustice of that aside, jbln points out the news (to me) that the Roger Corman DVD version of the film is now out-of-print, and has become rather expensive. If you go to the Amazon page for Saint Jack, it is currently retailing at 48 US bucks...I think it was 20 when I bought it 6 years ago. But if its going to disappear soon, that means the only version left (in the world) will be the Australian DVD currently on Singapore HMV shelves which uses the exact same materials as the Corman one.


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