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Monday, August 28, 2006

Something about a Sunday


So, Sunday the 27th came around, and it was time to unveil the talk on Saint Jack, which I'd spend a couple of weeks preparing and still hadn't finished. I had about 25 minutes of 'presentation', and then filled the rest of the time with Gavin Millar's footage of the Saint Jack shoot - which had never been seen before in Singapore.


The best bit was the Q & A, everyone stayed and a lot of people asked good questions, and by that time I'd warmed up and was able to give good answers (I think). That woman in the front row took photos of me all the way through - can I see them please?


The screening was of course, packed out. I felt the audience was a bit more subdued than last friday's event, but I still really enjoyed seeing the film again on the big screen, spotting new details and bits of business each time. And almost everyone stayed for the credits, which was impressive.


Finally it was over, but it isn't quite over. It seems very likely that a distribution deal to release the film is going to be struck very soon. When that happens, like Tom Joad in Grapes of Wrath, I'll be there.

(And that's me and my wife, Marianne Wee, by the way, thanks to Soon Kin who took the pic and organised all the events.)

Check this first response to my talk by film blogger Readymade


Blogger cottrell/p said...

much happiness to you
and your so lovely lady.
I really want to know
what kind of deal is in the works
for a real opening of St J.
It could be worth it to what's
become your cause that I put my 2 cents in. (I'm not thinking of
getting 3 cents back).
I am convinced that your first mistake was the title you used for your book - much too cryptically
personal and with shades of counter-
effective controversial heat.
"Jack of Hearts" would be a much
better title for a 2nd edition,
and I can give you sound editing
advice (like, switch the necessary
but boring historical part to the
end, or as an annex, etc.)
Anyway, don't let this re-issue
turn out to be a wet firecracker!
Cottrell /p

11:25 PM  
Blogger ben said...

Thanks as always for your comments Pierre, but lets continue this discussion via email.

7:29 AM  

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